About the Fall 2020 Term

We have reorganized our Fall term into a modular format, letting you focus intensely on a few subject areas at once. We’ve also introduced special course codes: when you see 6WK Sess1 and 6WK Sess2, those refer to courses running in either the first or second half of the fall term.


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Fall Semester Chart

First Year Student Essential Resources

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First Year Advisors

Our First Year Advisors can help you with any and all of your questions about first-year courses and your path forward in Engineering.

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Personal Counselling

We make one-on-one counselling available to students through secure video chat. Our Embedded Counsellors are here for you if you’re feeling overwhelmed, stressed, anxious, sad, lonely or distressed.

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Student Academic Success Services (SASS)

Queen’s University’s central academic support service offers academic support to students who wish to develop their skills in critical thinking, reading, learning, studying, writing, and self-management.

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Peer Tutoring (EngLinks)

Need some academic help throughout the semester? Supplement your in class learning with private tutors, specializing in Queens courses and programs through the Engineering Society’s EngLinks program for student-to-student tutoring assistance.

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English Support for Engineers (APSC 199)

An online resource for students to learn how to identify their important findings and organize technical information. The guide devotes considerable time to deconstructing students’ writing to help them improve their English language skills. AP

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